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Mumby Magic


* Composted pig (70%), chicken (10%) and sheep(20%) manure along with peat and mumby compost.

* Ideal for rejuvenating veggie gardens or any garden bed including raised beds.

*Can be mixed with existing soils or spread over the top to use as a slow release organic fertiliser.

Soil Conditioner


*Perfect for blending and building existing garden beds and their nutrients.

 *Composted pig and chicken manure with added peat, wetting agent and wood fines to increase water retention and condition the soil.

Composted Pig Manure

pig manure 36L.jpg

*Composted with barley straw

 *Odourless – been composted for 18 months or more

* Ideal for roses, vegetable gardens, natives and flowering plants

“Pig manure is high in potassium, calcium and iron which is needed for gross feeders, it is MUCH more nutritious than Cow manure”