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Mumby Magic, Garden Mix, Mulch and other FAQ’s


*Mumby Magic or Garden Mix?

If you are looking to improve you existing soil whether it be for a vegie garden or just a general mixed planting, then mixing Mumby Magic with your soil is your best product to use. The pure manure blend is ideal for increasing water retention, earthworm activity, good microbes in the soil, and nutrient deficiencies.

If your wanting to establish a new garden bed without doing the hard work then our Garden Mix product is the one for you. It contains a sand base plus all the manures (pig, chicken and sheep manure) with peat and rock dust (trace elements) All you need to do is pop this into your raised vegie garden bed or, top up existing garden beds with the garden mix.

*What if I have ordered too much Garden Mix??

You can use the Garden Mix as a top dresser for your lawns, top up potted plants, spread around existing plants.

*Which Mulch should I use and how much?

We recommend a minimum of 80 mm of mulch to be applied at least twice a year, If you have General plants, then the Droughtbuster is the best bet for all plants (not Natives), but if you have Natives then you can use any of the other mulches but the premium mulch you should use for Natives is the Karri and Peat Mulch.

*I’m Planting new lawn, what should I use?

If you are planting a new lawn YELLOW SAND is something to stay away from!!! In the South West we have very gutless grey sand, and to improve on this we need to add organic matter such as manures, this is to help the short root structures of the lawn to establish and grow strong, improve water retention and drainage and put the nutrition in.

You have two options – firstly if you are going to rotary hoe or mix your existing soil, then use the Mumby Magic, to a rate of 50-70mm, if you are just going to lay soil straight on top and then lay your turf down, use the Garden Mix at a rate of 70-90mm. This will give your expensive lawn a good head start!


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, Mel can advise on the best product for your application.