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Landscaping Services

  • Is your garden looking tired?

  • Not enough time in the day to fix it?

  • Need to pass a real inspection?

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We can, not only deliver bulk loads to you, but can also spread, garden, mow lawns, tidy your garden and remove waste at completion. Our qualified horticulturalist can make any tired looking garden come back to life and impress all who see it. We use only our quality products that are suited to the requirements of your garden.

Our services include: 

  • Free quoting.

  • Ongoing services

  • Bulk deliveries of quality products

  • Spreading and mulching 

  • Pruning and gardening 

  • Mowing and Whipper snipping lawn

  • Description of correct mulches for plants

  • Horticulturalist advice

  • Spraying

  • Garden clean up